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So it has been a very long time since my last post and i thought i should put some of my media i have gotten over that time on here for everyone to enjoy. So this is not really a post, just a video and picture update really. Photos are here, they are from bryce’s graduation, photoshop projects, and our crazy frisbee night. I have three videos. One of Mathew, one of Megan, and one of Kelsey.

Last Week of Class

Well It’s the last week of school and instead of studying for finals I am busy going out on the town and enjoying the city. On Saturday a group of about 12 of us went to the Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate Stu’s birthday (our neighbor) I ordered a delicious Bacon Cheeseburger but i had to leave the party early to meet my brother and watch a movie. We went to see Scary Movie 4. It was ok, not the greatest one in the series though by far. Surprisingly, they fed off the story line of Scary Movie 3 and made it really seem like a sequal instead of a whole new movie like the first 3 installments did.

Sunday Came around and I had been looking forward to it for several weeks. That was the day that the Mitch Hedberg tribute show was going to be held at the Orpheum Theater. Nick Stolpman, our neighbor Eric and his brother and I headed off to the event in Eric’s brother’s new hybrid car…very spiffy. We got to the Orpheum in sat in our seats in the middle of the 20th row. Tim Slagle hosted the event and there were 11 other comics performing 10 minute sets throughout the night. Some of the more popular ones were Dave Atell, Patton Oswalt, and Nick Swardson. Mike Birbiglia probably did the funniest set and he had a flawless Mitch impression which was amazing. The whole thing lasted about two hours and ended with Mitch’s first appearance on David Letterman, it was a hillarious night and all of the money went to charity so it was well worth the $40.

I had finished all of my classes on Monday and was waiting around my room with nothing to do. Then my dad calls and tells me that a guy he did business with wanted to give me tickets to the Twins game. So Collin and I went to meet him at the Holiday Inn. He met us there and drove us to the Metrodome in his expensive Volvo. They turned out to be amazing tickets and we sat 4 rows up from first base. It was a close game til Jessie Crane came in and blew the game wide open like he usually does. I swear he is the worst pitcher in the league today. I have nothing planned today but we will be going to the Twins on Wednesday again, back up in the upper deck though. I will keep you posted on the action here in Minneapolis. Photos video video

Easter Weekend

Nothing worth talking about happened at all on Easter so i will focus on Friday. Friday was the day of the long awaited and anticipated Black Clouds and Underdogs tour concert. I met up with Chris, Dana (sorry if i spelled it wrong) Amy, and Dustin outside the Exel energy center. While standing in the line to get in we saw some Milbank people also waiting and that was a pleasent surprise. We went inside and found our seats at the way top of the building. We were almost as far away from the stage as we could be. One more row up and we woulda been touching the wall of the section we were in. If we were any higher we would have been on the roof. If we were any higher we woulda been able to catch a flight by holding our hands up when a plane flew by. I think you get the picture, we were pretty far up in the seats. The first band to play was called “the hush sound” I had never heard of them before, and was very impressed. I liked a bunch of their songs and highly recommend listening to them. The second band was “From first to last” These guys where completely horrible. If anyone calls what they did music then they need to be tested for a mental disorder. If i knew i could get paid for just screaming and playing random notes on a guitar, i woulda said “screw you” to this journalism stuff. Then Hawthorne Heights came on and they taped a song live so i think that will be on tv sometime. All american rejects was next and they played a few songs but i was hoping for more.  Finally Fall Out Boy came out and they were amazing. They played something like 15 songs and they were all great. The concert was over and i bought a poster…tried to buy a Hush Sound cd but it was sold out. So being the pirate i am, i went to my dorm and downloaded it right away. We then went to get a bite to eat at Burger King. We actually found the milbank guys and talked for a little while. Then a cracked out homeless guy came around asking for money and creeped everyone out. We got out of there as fast as we could and headed to Chris’ cousin Beth’s house to spend the night. I slept on a leather couch while everyone else got a bed…not fair. We got up the next morning and headed to Big Stone. Sorry this post wasnt funny, im pretty boring.

Naked nights

The following event occured around 1:30 AM on the 31st of March. The names of the participants will not be changed, screw the innocent. The discussion that follows was between one Tyler Rolfes and one David Rausch. (WARNING: this transcript from the MSN conversation is not completely accurate but as close to accurate as I can remember)

Tyler: I didn’t really like Narnia too much
David: Why is that?
Tyler: It just seemed like a crappy Lord of the Rings
David: well when you compare it to LOTR yeah, but it wasn’t trying to be better.
Tyler: There were just too many similarities
David: Fantasy books are alot the same
Tyler: true dat
David: Double True
Tyler: Narnia has nothing on Harry Potter though, I’m halway through the fifth book by the way
David: word, Harry is the man…You having a hard time imagining the book without a movie to refer to?
Tyler: OMG
David: What!?
Tyler: My roomates girlfriend just opened the door and she is completely naked
David: are you serious?
Tyler: WTF, she just went into our room and shut the door, and craig is in there.
David: is she drunk?
Tyler: Yeah
David: thank goodness, so she’s not just retarded
Tyler: OMG She is wearing my shorts as a top
David: did you take pictures?
Tyler: what am i supposed to wear?
David: Go take em from her

Now i will go back and tell you what exactly was happening all around me during this event. I had been sitting chatting to dave about narnia when i heard scratching at my roomates door. This was odd so i stared at the door until it suddenly stopped. Then i glanced back at my screen when their door suddenly opened. I looked to see who was making the noise and I saw my roomates girlfriend slowly emerge from the darkness wearing nothing but what God gave her. We made eye contact, i quickly turned away, she quickly shut the door. Thinking that she had sobered up i was emberrassed she saw me see her. The door opened once more and I tried pretending nothing happened and had my eyes glued to the screen. That is when i hear shuffling feat behind me and hear a door slam…but this time, it was to my bedroom. I knew Craig was in there and i first assumed she was in there talking out a problem she had or something. Then i recieve a IM from craig about three minutes later saying, “what the hell is going on” I quickly figured, something was wrotten in the state of Denmark…and in my bedroom. It was about another two minutes until he messaged again saying, “she is wearing your shorts….as a shirt” I was perplexed how this could even be possible. She exited our bedroom and left into the hallway..sure enough, i saw my shorts being worn as a shirt. She came back in from going potty and went back to bed, with my shorts on and all. I had to fine different shorts to wear that night and kept thinking over in my mind “did that really just happen” Crazy times at the UofM!!!

Pictures coming soon!!!!!!!

Spring thing

Happy spring everyone!! What a beautiful first day of spring, 23 degrees and hella windy…really makes you happy you got up this morning doesnt it. Anywho, spring break was very nice. I could just take the easy route and tell you to read other people’s posts to find out what happened on the Rapid trip….so i will. I will just put some pics up on Flickr and call it good enough. The rest of the week was pretty chill. Alot of sitting around and watching some NCAA basketball on the good old plasma screen. We watched Broken Flowers on Friday I think. It was not what i expected at all. It was a very slow movie filled with alot of ten second shots of Bill Murray just sitting there. I really like Bill Murray’s performance in the role, but the plot and how it dragged out ruined the film. There was also a girl who looked like she was 15 who was on screen full frontal and back nudity…disturbing. We also went to Bryce’s and played some clasics like Trivial Pursuit and apples to apples. Our trivial pursuit team one cause it was me, linds, tony, chris F, against chris s, david, matthew, and bryce. So it was basically us four against Bryce, and Matthew chimed in occasionaly. The apples to apples natzis took over that portion of the night and i was lucky if i got two green apples in two hours. That was my spring break pretty much. kept this post short and sweet (thats what she said) but there is photos still people!

Upcoming events to look forward for:
Gophers vs. Cincinnati Bearcats      3/21
King Kong @ Coffman                    3/24
FOB/AAR/HH concert                      4/14

Cock block me once, shame on you, Cock block me twice, shame on me.

So wrestling is gay. This was my stance throughout high school on that sport where men go around grabbing each other and wear spandex. I didnt even go to a single meet until i went to the region thingy at marshall my senior year. After that expierience, i was still very convinced of the homo nature of wrestling.

Game Over……..or so i thought.

I was prepared to come home for the weekend, only to find out that everyone else was going to Marshall again to watch wrestling. Not wanting to be the odd man out, i was willing to endure the broke-back weekend of wrestling. As you know from the last post, and general knowledge in our hometowns, Dustin made it all the way to state. Which meant several people would be coming down to Minniapolis to watch him. The cheerleaders and Chris’ entire family (except him) came down to watch Dustin kick some ass.
On Thursday i rode the 16 bus down to the Energy Center and met up with the Smith’s, talked to Amy for a while, Kelsey for a little, then it was already time for the match. Dustin quickly pinned his first opponent. Actually, he quickly pinned his second opponent that day too. I stole a ride back to the campus in the Smithmobile. Later that night i went to watch a play called “Les Meninas” it is play based on a painting. The play was very confusing. I think i would have had to have been tripping out on shrooms for a good two hours before the play to be able to get it. There were some very good actors in it, but the story plain sucked. Back to wrestling, Dustin wrestled one guy on saturday. He took longer than one period, but still pinned his guy without a whole lot of struggling. After that was over, I officially assumed the role of Chris and went everywhere his family went. I did a good job at being Chris for the night i think, except i ate stuff he would never eat, even if someone held a gun to his head. For example, the whole gang of wrestlers, cheerleaders, parents, and ortonville fans went to the Red Lobster (cause of Lent) We waited over an hour to be seated. I ordered a water with a lemon in it (#1 thing chris wouldnt eat) then for the meal i got a lobster pizza. That was crust with sliced tomatos (#2 thing) basil (#3) and lobster (#4) on it. It was amazing, and i recomend it to anyone who eats there….ever. Saturday roled around and it was off to wrestling again, this wasnt such a happy time though. Dustin lost in the championship to this double jointed, extremely quick, poop head. Second is nothing to be sad about, so i held back my tears and moved on.

On Tuesday, I went to go watch the T-wolves take on the Rockets. I got cheap tickets online before the game, and hopped on the bus to the Target Center. I wanted to get there early so i could catch some autographs. I usually have a dilema on what to have players sign, but i had a stroke of genius. I copied the Wolves logo, then placed it onto a blank document and printed it out with my printer on to photo paper. I trecked into the Twolves tunnel with the bad memories of last time lingering in my mind. Last time i was there, i was cock blocked by Rashad McCants so i got no sigs, and only slapped Mark Madsen. This time i was determined to not get cock blocked again. It started off with mark Madsen signing my photo…not too thrilling. Then Marcus Banks came running by for warm ups and i slapped his hand, already better than last time. Then Ronald Dupree and Eddie Griffin both come and autograph my photo. Ricky Davis, Marcus Banks, and Rashad McCants all came running in from warm ups and i slapped there hands. I went and sat at my crappy seat and enjoyed the game. With about three minutes left, it was clear the Rockets were gonna win so i went into their tunnel in hopes of getting some high-fives from them. This was the one time in the night i was cockblocked, not a single person slapped my hand on the way out. I was ready to leave and i left the nearest exit. I was walking along the outside of the Target Center and i saw railings with people waiting for autographs from Rockets players. The Rockets are my favorite team and it sounded like a good idea to try to get their signatures too. I only had the photo with the wolves logo, but they didnt seem to mind signing it. Matt Bullard came and signed at first. Then Patrick Ewing, T-mac, Stromile Swift, and Jeff VanGundy all came out and were major CBs. I had strategically positioned myself between two black kids, and two chineese kids in hopes the black kids would draw most of the players over, and the Chineese kids would get Yao Ming. Yao came out and signed for the one railing, then looked at the black kids on mine, then me, then saw the chineese kids and only signed for them….that racist. I did end up getting Juwan Howard, Luther Head, and Keith Bogans to also sign my photo. That was the end of my night, it was ten times better than the sixers game. I cant wait for the next one.

Match Over

The weekend started with myself skipping out on two of my three classes. One of these classes was my english class. The only thing we had due for this class was right an essay about freedom vs. safety and i gave this to my friend Bengi to hand in. I also skipped Psychology and my neighbor Eric threatened to tell our proffesor i was skipping if i didnt watch my step. I told him to step off and he did so accordingly.

I arrived back in my dorm after my journalism class, grabbed my bag, snatched up my bagels and we hit the dusty trail. Amanda, Ashley, Craig, and I all departed from the UofM to go to our respective home towns. Ashley to Ortonville, Amanda and I to Big Stone, and Craig to the hell hole called Milbank. The trip went very smoothly…meaning no one was killed or severely injured. Around Montevideo, I started to hear Minnesota Rouser playing… Craig and I both thought it was Amanda’s phone and since she was sleeping, i tried to answer it. This came with no success. Then a few minutes later, David called me but he did not say a single thing for 15 seconds, that bastard. I then noticed when i hung up on that cracker, that i had a missed call. I quickly realized that Karin had tried to call me and it was not Amanda’s phone after all. Whos the goose?….this guy. I had planned on traveling to Marshall for the weekend and i figured that she wanted a ride. I tried to call her back a few times and had no luck with that either. We finally arrived at Ortonville and we drove to the hospital to drop of Ashley. I then get a phone call from Karin and the conversation was.

Tyler: Hello
Karin: Hey…wait…I can see you
Tyler: Huh? Looks around
Karin: yeah
Tyler: finally seeing her behind us oh yeah, what the heck
Karin: Laughing what the hell (or something to that effect)

Karin had just finished her physical therapy at the clinic and was walking to her car when we pulled in. Ashley got out of the car and Karin replaced her. We came up with a gameplan and we broke the huddle and she drove off to her house to pack up and get the “alls well” from her parents. Later on I met her at the school parking lot and we set off for the “gem of sourthern minnesota” Marshall. (I just made that slogan up, if you use it in the spur bryce i will sue your ass) We had a hour and a half drive and i wasnt sure how to fill it up with talking. I threatened to listen to Harry Potter on the way down so she quickly started asking me questions about the UofM. I answered all of her questions about the UofM, life, the universe, and everything in thirty minutes. So to fill the last hour of the trip I had to brag about all the hot chicks i had “gotten with” while i was at college. We arrived in Marshall and went to the SMSU gym to watch some high school wrestling. Wopeee! We got inside for free and sat down by david, chris, and amy. The cheerleaders were also there…namely kelsey, megan, and lauren (chris’ lil sis, aka L-train) We showed up pretty late so we could only watch a few matches. But we saw plenty of ass grabbing and broke back mountain reenactments on the mat. After the matches were done for the day we went to Bryce’s dorm and met up with him and Linda. David, Chet, Linda, Bruce, and I went to applebee’s while Karin and Amy visited the wrestlers at the super duper 8. While we were dining at applebee’s, bryce recieved a call from Matt Bartley. according to bryce, the conversation from bartley’s end consisted of “dude get over here….beer pong…get over here…7 of us….get over here….get over here.”

So, of course we all went over there. We arrived with the expectation of walking in on a party. We walked in the door to find a half naked Bartley, in a room full of smoke, eating a burger with toast as a bun. Bartley was clearly drunk and had burned the burger on his George Forman grill. We talked matt into joining us for a ping-pong tournament and stupidly we left Bryce to make the brackets. Chris helped Bartley warm up before his match by playing some “extreme ping-pong” I am only gonna tell you about one match, cause it was the only truly interesting one. David nominated himself as the worst player and took on Bartley. It was a fairly close match throughout, but Bartley ended up winning by five or so ( i dont remember ) It wasnt impressive enough Bartley beat a completely sober player, but he was also wearing some sweet bowling shoes during their match, causing him to slide around his hard wood floor. Shortly after this, Bartley had to leave…so he left us in charge of the house. After playing a bunch of table tennis, we decided to call it a night and go back to bryce’s for some shut eye. We got to the appartment and got ready for bed.

On saturday, we all got up around 10 and got ready for some more wrestling. We got to the gym again and watched everyone wrestle this time…nothing too special to tell about here. At lunch time we left the gym to go make something at bryce’s place. Mac and cheese was the consensus pick. We had our fill of cheesy goodness and trecked back for more wrestling action. Ortonville had a few wrestlers in the third/fourth place match, but Dustin Roggenbuck was in the championship match. Dustin wrestled a kid from Canby for the 215 championship. Dustin got up early and never gave up the lead. Everyone cheered, some cried, others weren’t paying attention. But none the less, it was fun to see Ortonville being represented.

Karin, Amy, Chris, and I then went to pizza hut for a bite to eat. Bryce, being a panzy, said he could not handle pizza hut and decided hardees was going to be less greasy. David joined him at Hardees as well. We then regathered and i was ready to say goodbye to everyone and leave with Karin for Ortonville. Then, David dropped the bombshell that they were coming back to O-town as well. On the road home, we listened to some Bowling for Soup, Eminem, Queen, and Dane Cook. Karin fell asleep around Bellingham and woke up just outside Ortonville again. I droped her off at her car and we all met up again at Cenex. David picked up the DVD of the Exorcism of Emily Rose to watch later that night. Then Amy let us in on this secret of people fowling the bus through town. We then waited for what seemed like hours until we finally found the bus on its way into town. We followed it and layed on the horn. It was a very girly horn and i was dissapointed Amy did not have a better sound. For some reason, she felt it was necessary to open her window and sunroof. The only thing this accomplished was bringing the tempertature down about 30 degrees from its previous point. After the hoop-la was over, we decided to watch the DVD at my house. We recently got a plasma tv and surround sound speakers so the expierience was awe inspiring. Dustin, Amy, Kelsey, Karin, and David all showed up for to watch our plasma tv lose its proverbial virginity. After the movie everyone cheered, some cried, and others werent paying attention. (kelsey fell asleep, what a surprise)

Before we left on sunday, we went to Fellows’ house and hung out with Mathew and hooper….oh…and chris was there too.

Match Over (more photos here)

Fort Minor

I had originally planned to just post about my expierience at a Fort Minor concert but something happened last night that i have to post about. First off, one of my roomate Mike, neighbor Eric, and neighbor Stu went out to a house located on campus. I am under the impression that they each had a lot of “juice” to drink. Well they all got home at around two in the morning and wanted to watch some episodes of Saved by the Bell. After just watching one episode (“Jessie’s song” where Jessie gets addicted to pills) i decided it was time to hit the old dusty trail. When i went to bed, my roomate Mike had fallen asleep in his chair for the night. apparently he just had too much juice that night. Well i was deep asleep when i started having this feeling like i was being pushed. I slowly start to wake up and realize that someone is actually pushing me. I turn my head to see the back off Mike’s head. Then i start to realize that he has actually crawled into bed with me. I say to mike, ” hey man, what are you diong?” to which he replies, “sleeping, duh” I then ask him, “Why are you in my bed?” and he replies, “i dont know” and he laughs. Then i say, “uhhh, mike, your gonna have to get out of my bed” then he says, “okay.” But he’s a lier, he did not leave my bed. After about five minutes of wondering how to get my drunk roomate out of my bed without hurting him, i figure it out. Smother him!! So i take the spare blanket lying next to me and throw it on his face. No, i wasnt trying to strangle him, just make his face really really warm. after about two minutes he suddenly got up, looked around the room, opened our door, and left our room for his own. He woke up this morning and new nothing of this adventure.

Five thirty rolled around today and Craig and i set out for Station 4, the venue for the concert. We got there around 6:05 and stood outside in the rain until about 6:30. We get inside and right away they split the people over 21 and us younglings apart. I am a member of the Linkin Park fanclub (lpunderground.com) and i had entered a drawing to have the privalege to join in a meet and greet. You may wonder the connection of Linkin Park and Fort Minor… so i will explain it. Linkin park consists of six members, one of them being an MC named Mike Shinoda. Well Mike decided to pursue his love for rap and created a group consisting of him and two other rappers known as the group Styles of Beyond. Well i won the meet and greet contest and our first mission once inside was to fine the area where we should line up. We walked around with two other guys in the same situation as us in not knowing where to go. We found the spot to stand at about 6:50. The show was scheduled to start at 7:00, but the meet and greet didnt even start until 7:20-7:30ish. We went through and i got Everyone to sign the cd sleeve except Mike, i got him to sign the CD itself. We went to the main floor and I noticed a large poster (about 1foot x 1foot) of the cover of their album. I had already decided I was going to steal something from the concert so i took this off the pole it was taped to. Craig and i then waited for the concert to begin. The opening act was two rappers called Demigodz. They where pretty good, but they couldnt quench my thirst, i was starving to hear some Fort Minor songs. Fort Minor came out to their song “Remember the Name” There where lots of songs from Fort Minor, a couple songs Styles of Beyond had written, and some songs by Linkin park performed. They had some guest appearances by Bobo of Cypress Hill to play their song “Remember the Name” and Holly Brook performed her song “Where’d you go” from the Fort Minor cd. The show ended with the song “Petrified” and everyone seemed satisfied. On our way out, we noticed the group was signing at the memorabilia station and I got in line to get more autographs. I decided it would be great to have them sign my stolen poster. So i got in line and got everyone to sign it. Holly (singer of where’d you go), Tak and Ryu (styles of beyond), Mike, Beatdown (drummer), Bobo, and DJ Cheap Shot all signed the poster. It was a great concert and a great night.
(Photos Here)

High school friends and High school drama

On Saturday i woke up at noonish. Got up and zombied around the room for a while and eventually everyone else woke up as well. Clayton and Tyler Anderson had planned to join us later that day to watch the Gophers play Michigan. Eric came into our room and right away everyone new that it was on! Time to play Smash Brothers. When it is on, it is crazy in our room. Everyone starts yelling about Bitches and Poke-balls and damn Links. The marathon of Gamecube action went on for about two and a half hours. Five o’clock roled around and i decided i better go get tickets for TA and Chunt Boy. I bundled up and started heading for Marriuci arena. I went there because that is where we bought our season tickets and the tickets for the NDSU game. Little did i know but the ticket office was closed there because the Gophers were playin hockey there..*cough*fourth in the nation*cough* I then walked to william’s arena and got the tickets at their office. That was the end of my journey and i walked backed to the dorm and awaited a call from Clayton.

We met them right outside the arena and they had no trouble finding a parking spot…bryce. We went on inside and were psyched for the game. That only lasted a little while though, the game was as boring as a co-ed party at DSU when only the beautiful people are invited. The Gopher’s got down fast… faster than ____ goes down on ___ (insert names to make joke). So we left with eight minutes to go in the game. From there we were destined to meet one of TA’s friends that he has known since he was little.

The meeting spot for this was the TGIFriday‘s by Mall of America. Craig, Clayton, TA, and I drove in TA’s white beast of a car to Bloomington. There we met the friend and two of her friend’s. We all ate our delicious food and caused quite a comotion and probably annoyed everyone within three tables of us. After supper we had to decide what to do. Like it always seems when i am with people trying to think of something to do, it took us half an hour to decide to go bowling. Well, as our luck would have it, the bowling alley was closed. Then the girls in the other card decided Perkins seemed like a great place to hang out. When we got to the Perkins we had no idea what was in store for us. A cop was standing outside and this seemed a little out of place but later a waitor told us they hired him because they have many fights at this restaurant because drunks come there after the bars close. We got in there and sat at our table and our waitor brought us waters. This is where the drama started though. The girls looked over and discovered a group of people that they did not particularly enjoy seeing. Tyler Anderson’s friend, Katie, saw a girl that had apparently tried hitting on her boyfriend. The fact that she was gonna see her with us four guys made her mad cause she was gonna call her boyfriend… get it? Well another girl we were with saw a boy she “liked”… “was gettin with”…”more than friends” friend. She had told that boy that she could not be with him that night cause it was a “girls night” and again, seeing us with her would cause drama. So everyone left while TA waited for his pie. We ended up going to a different bowling alley after that and then home… finally.

Day 2

For sunday we had ordered Timberwolves tickets for their game against the 76ers. We left the dorms at 10:30 so we could get to the game early to try to get KG’s autograph. Clayton and I went down into the tunnel where the players walk in and out of while Craig and TA went to our seats like little bitches. The first excitement came when I saw Rashad McCants come back into the tunnel and started signing autographs. He was signing for everyone and I was elated because Rashad had been one of my favorite college players of all time and I flat out loved the guy. He came right next to me still signing, when i held out my ticket to be signed. That is when he looked at my ticket… thought for a second… then lifted his pen and walked away. That is right, he signed for every single person.. except for me, his biggest fan. Then we decided to wait to try to get some high fives as the players ran out to the court. All i got was Mark Madsen to slap my hand, i was disapointed. At halftime i went into the 6ers tunnel to get a close look at Allen Iverson and Chris Webber. It happened that this game was being brodcasted nationally and Bill Walton was a color comentator at this game and he walked right by me and Clayton and we both looked at each other and said, “no way” We decided that after the game we would walk back to the Timberwoves side to get high fives after the win. We left with two minutes left and got to the home side and stood at the top of the steps. Then, I pointed out there were some seats open in the fifth row and we went and sat just behind the journalist at the press tables. The game came down to the final seconds still tied, then Philidelphia some how pulled it out and made a shot as the buzzer went off. Needless to say, we got no high fives from the Wolves. After standing for a little while in shock, i told Clayton we should go to the announcers table to try to get Bill Walton’s autograph. We went and stoop away from him knowing he would walk by him and hoping we could catch him when noone else was around. Then he started signing for some people and i hurried over, just in time to see him say, “No more guys, i got a plane to catch” depressed, i started walking back to Clayton, when i saw him say “Bill can i get a picture” and he said yes! So not only did i not get his autograph, but Clayton got a picture with him and i got nothing. It was a fun game, but i had horrible luck. Photos can bee seen here!

New Semester

Its a new semester here at the U and i thought i would give everyone a little insight on my new classes and glorious events happening soon. My first class of the week is Journalism 1001. This is an introductory course to Mass communication and there are about 150 students in it. Our teacher is a Ginger! Even though i deeply despise these red haired individuals in our society, our teacher is a very insightful teacher and i assume i will enjoy this class. My second class is English Composition, and it focuses mainly on Conteperary issues, so its alot like the good ole days of debate. Back when everything was so carefree and noone even cared if their partner wet their pants. Anyway, my teacher is very unique. He has a little bit of Mr. Beck in him, but much more like Woody Allen. Not in the fact that he lusts for younger women, but in his voice and mannerisms. He is very figity while teaching and distinct in his actions. Should be very interesting learning my first college writing from him. That class consists of 30 students. My next class is on the west bank campus and it is Psychology. It is held in a very large auditorium and it has stadium style seating. This class has 700 people in it and it is the largest class at the UofM. My last class is Live Theater: Entertainment with Attitude. This is held once a week on Thursday nights. The class entails 7 discussions and going out to 8 plays. This is a freshman seminar and has 14 students. TA and Clayton are coming to join this ongoing blog orgy we have here at the U. We will go to a Gophers and Timberwolves game and i will surely write a new post after that.