“A Helping Hand” on Mash Stories

I’ve reentered the MashStories.com contest with a story called “A Helping Hand.” They liked it well enough to shortlist it! This contest has really grown in its three quarters, and it’s attracting ever more popular and seasoned writers. I’m definitely up against some great entries.

If you’re interested, you can find the story here: http://mashstories.com/shortlist/helping-hand/

Feel free to vote for it. Votes factor into the judging process. If you have issues voting, or you know anyone who’d like the story, share the link or this post with them. I’ll take all the votes I can get!

Short Hiatus

So, I guess I went on a short hiatus, there. Life caught up with me, sending me to a conference in the Twin Cities and then to vacation in Cleveland, Ohio. I know that’s no excuse; it’s just an explanation.

Expect posting to resume next week at a frequency of once a week or once every two week. As always, you can join my email list to get a free eBook and to get short stories sent to you that don’t end up on my blog. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Don’t Miss Out (Or Do. Whatever.)

Do you wish you were able to read the short story I just sent off to my RoOMeRs? Well, you can join them for free! Plus you get a free gift when you sign up! The only thing that isn’t free is my time and energy!

Visit my Sign Up page, let me know what kind of content you’re interested in, and watch the semi-regular emails roll in. Then you can join the nearly dozen of people who have decided to “get to reading that story eventually.”

You have nothing to lose, and you might help me become a better writer. Thanks!

Where’s the Beef? (Beef = Post)

You might be wondering where my weekly blog post was this week? Well, I had it written before Sunday, but these things really need to get published during the week, when people are desperate for something to distract them from their day jobs.

Staying true to my word, here’s a post for the week. However, I promise two posts next week.

:-O <—- a sideways version of your expression right now

Don’t expect anything earth shattering, but that’s what’s up.

Enjoy your beef. (Beef = post)