When It’s Hot I’d Like To Die

Right now there is so much to say, but I don’t feel like writing. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing at work, but the environment is dragging me down like shark food. Nancy is gone this week and that means I really have nothing to do. Hardly anyone’s been in the office (see July 4th) and Nancy usually gives me 2/3s of the jobs I have to do anyway.

So it’s been a lot of writing, at first. I’ve been trying to do many things at once and all I end up doing is getting nothing done and wearing myself out. There are good things that have happened, though.

I’ve been acting – Bob Davidson has written a movie and asked me to star in it. It’s about a Librarian. That’s all I can tell you right now (non disclosure, you know) and we started filming on Monday. Once again I had my pants down for Bob Davidson. I don’t understand why everything I act in for him takes place in a bathroom…

I’ve been composing – Bob, Jeff, Brandon, Chris, and I had a jam session last night. It was an awesome experience. I don’t know if those guys feel the same way, but I was buzzing. We took a song I had written recently, called ‘I Lay Down’, and we got everyone on an instrument (some people more than one) and made music. It went like this :
Miles – Rhythm guitar, Lead vocals.
Bob – Lead guitar, Backup vocals (sorta).
Jeff – Drums.
Brandon – Organ (yes, we had an organ).
Chris – Rhythm guitar, Bongo, Shaker.
We made quite a thing out of it. The song took a much nicer shape and there were some good ideas produced. We’re doing it again on Monday night. There is a possibility of recording these songs in the future, but we’ll see.

I’ve been writing – the most recent thing I’ve written is quite the long story of a mute kid who kills some bullies. Of course there is more than that (I had to fill 1600 pixels by 1200 pixels up!), but you get the idea. I found the story intriguing and it is an offshoot of another idea I had. I may make the story larger and less macabre in the future, but I wrote this version for a wallpaper I made.

I’ve made a new wallpaper – the new wallpaper is, of course, on the wallpaper page, here, or at deviantART, here. The text I used is in the comment section of the wallpaper on deviantART, but I’ve also posted it on diPrest if you care to read it. It’s long, like I said.

I wrote a lot more than I thought. It is so hot up here. My title is a play on the title of a Moby song, When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die, but it’s true. So, I’m done with this heat. I’ll put the wallpaper up on a couple more sites, then I am outta here.

4 Replies to “When It’s Hot I’d Like To Die”

  1. is bob the guy we helped make that music video? cause we did spend a lot of time in that bathroom scene

  2. Yeah, that’s the same Bob. Did you ever see the video? Cuz it totally kicks ass!

    Yeah, I had a great time jamming. I’m just not too confident with my drumming abilities..

  3. Bob and Miles in the bathroom… Ohhh boy :ponder: Miles, honey, don’t make a career of that…. PLEASE!! :)

  4. A good friend of mine once said,” Friends are born, not made.”
    -Henry Brooks Adams-
    On that note…welcome to the world. I am well pleased with you,
    Your friend

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