God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

I guess what does make me smile is when Rachel Ray gets angry at the hotdog and hotdog bun industries.

Guess what. CRESH, Inc. is live and has both Valid XHTML and Valid CSS. Unlike some sites that our competitors run and maintain and (probably) hired out. Though, one site does look considerably better than the other one.

Mom just came and brought my table. It looks nice. This apartment is pretty swank. I only have a small smattering of things left to move. Tiny, pointless things that I can’t be bothered to lift into my car and back out.

I recently came into some coupons for free movies at Mr. Movies, so I’ve been kinda movie-crazy lately. The first was Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I really enjoyed that. I think what I liked most was the look of the film. That’s one special edition disc that I plan on buying. The next one, last night’s movie, was The Phantom of the Opera. Dis-ap-point-ing. I think I really got spoiled on the official Studio Recording. Anything that I see or hear that’s even a little different is wrong. I actually felt annoyed most of the time. *sigh*…

I won a dollar off of Bryce for eating part of an onion. And my Aunt Karen just mailed off my graduation present. High School graduation present.

And, guess what? Konfabulator is now free thanks to Yahoo! The site was down earlier, but now I have my free copy of 2.1 and I’m making my computer konfabulous.

Power went out last night. No, just mine. It made for a really crappy night, and it didn’t get turned back on until 9:30 or so. And I had really wanted to see Family Guy and eat at 8.