There’s a War Going On

And all you people can do is sit there reading this??

Grab a gun and run to the border – let’s all help out!

That, and I am too lazy to write something right now. I had this big “Most Catholics are Fakes” post, but I got tired of it and I lost steam. I could just reprint a poem or something, but “Casio’s Dream” didn’t go over so well.

It looks like it’s new material for you guys. How about recycled email Forward jokes? Topic today? The French.

Have you heard about the French kamikaze pilot? He’s on his 23rd Mission!

How many Frenchmen does it take to change a light bulb? One. He holds the bulb and all of Europe revolves around him.

Going to war without France is like going fishing without an accordian.

and lastly

What’s a Frenchman’s favorite wine? “We thought Belgium was neutral!”

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8 Replies to “There’s a War Going On”

  1. ya know, i’m pretty irritated with all the dissadent crap i’ve been hearing. in fact, the main paper in saudi arabia wrote a story about how americans aren’t even behind this war….they sited a protest held in new york as an example.

    i totally believe in supporting our government. right now, it doesn’t matter why you think we went to war. what matters is that we now are at war….so, what are you going to do??? are you going to be one of those pot-smoking, skirt-wearing, yellow bellied, 80 IQ, i-live-here-but-i-don’t-care-to-fight-for-it, ignorant retards…..OR are you going to support those who were activated and take pride in a country that wants to make the world better and safe for everyone??

    i say, if you’re not willing to support this country….move to iraq where they’ll agree with you.

  2. good job thatnicegirl… I agree totally. It is now irrelevant we are at war and we have a country and troops to support. I just wish Saddam would die of a stroke.

    and miles… you better not be such a radical… and watch the Catholic fake stuff… the rath of mom and dad.

  3. along with being pot-smoking, skirt-wearing, yellow bellied, 80 IQ, i-live-here-but-i-don’t-care-to-fight-for-it, ignorant retards, they are also guitar playing, long haired, flower power, my rights are more important than world safety, I’m going to move to Israel to protest a war that we have nothing to do with and get run over by a bulldozer just so somebody pities me and my so-called cause that i died for in such dramatic fashion even though anyone with a brain can figure out that it isn’t very easy to get run over by a bulldozer unless you cement your feet into the ground, coca-cola endorsing “I can teach the World to Sing” singing, Carl loving, crazy hippie bastards.

    Sadam’s hero is Stalin and from what I’ve heard, he was a prick.

    We are in Iraq to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and damn…we’re all out of gum.

  4. “Hey dude!! DIdn’t expect to hear from you so soon… I am the Carrier Abraham Lincoln…My job is a PR ( that’s an Aircrew Survival Equipmentman) or a Parachute Rigger. I work with all the shit that the pilot takes up in the aircraft with him…Everything from his flare’s to his chute…It’s pretty cool. No we do not have those types of things on board this boat.. Anything you ask…I will answer it to the best of my knowledge or else tell you that I cannot answer it…So I knew you were smart Sprenger, but damn!!!! You ain’t learnin shit??? Damn I would’ve prolly failed out by now!! HEHEHEHE At first when I arrived here, the people all seemed to be way different from the people that I am used to back there. But once I relaxed at started to fit in, It’s not so bad…Cept I keep gettin shit from the AMO…He’s like number 3 or 4 on my chain of command…He’s cool shit….So far, I haven’t decided if it’s gonna be a lifetime in this job or not…I have those days where It’s the complete shit and I could do it for eternity, then those where I want out in 2 mins….Really tough sometimes though…They cut the phones off at times, drop communications with no warning, but it’s all good though…Just puts a little strain on us that’s all.. Not big deal though….days start at 0600 and end at 2200 if your on days and the excact opposite if on nights. 1800-1000…really long and tedious…”

    This is from a friend of mines email. Hes out there and although hes only on a carrier he is still apart of it. I’m supporting him and all my other friends who are or will be joining the armed forces. Give em’ hell Brock.

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