Another Big Birthday Wrap-Up

I’ve gotta find a way to automate this, but here are another major round of birthdays that I’d missed completely.

Uncle Bill. Being the Godson to a genius is a tall order. And I’m short. (Self-deprecating metaphor pun.) Happy Birthday!

Cousin Aaron. Happy Birthday. I haven’t talked to you in ages, and I doubt you’ll see this. But, if you do see this, kudos for me.

Cousin Molly Brass. Happy Birthday! I hope you find time between Da Vinci codes to see this and know that I thought of you well after you actual birth day.

Cousin Teresa Rausch! Happy Birthday! Now that we’re connected on Facebook, I missed my first opportunity to wish you a “Happy Birthday” in a direct manner. First impressions matter!

Aunt Sue! Happy Birthday! I still think about how you stumped me when you asked why I thought you should get Snow Leopard. I’m still thinking.

Ex-Roommate Jeff! When he’s not Flogging his Molly, then he’s Tumbling his ‘Log. In any case, it was nice to see you at the wedding, short as it was. Hopefully you can stop by Sioux Falls sometime soon and see our house.

Mother-in-Law Carol! I’m sure Holli wished you a “Happy Birthday” from both of us. She did, didn’t she? I’m sure she did. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Mr. Britain! Since it was your birthday, I’ll share a little confession with everyone. Tony did not write “Circus Time!”. It was me. I hacked his site, after he dared me that I wouldn’t, I posted it, written expertly in his hand. That, my friend, is my gift to you: full disclosure.

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