A Whorse Of Course!

Wow. What a day.

First off: Happy Birthday to Jeff Gabhart (Saturday), Sue Rausch (Saturday), and Tony Rolfes (Sunday). They all earned it. ;)

Second off: apparently our Homecoming Float kicked ass. We all got in costume, we all stood there waiting forever, and then we were just about to start on our path when one of the Homecoming Committee members stopped us. Then she said, “You guys won. Good job” and tossed a cowboy hat / trophy into our cab. We won “Most Humorous Float”! This is big for our club. Bloody huge. Hopefully it’s a sign of good things to come. I know we acted some pretty good whores up there.

After we rocked the Homecoming Parade (I saw the KJAM guy laughing so hard he almost fell off the crane) a bunch of us headed to Ben Fox’s place. I have to say, Ben Fox is my new hero. He has a nice place, and it’s not far out of town. He’s renting from his parents while he goes to DSU, and they have put a lot of work into their property. We ate some burgers and brats, and Bob and I played guitar. I have to start learning some more songs. Bob has a very large collection of memorized, singable music. I only know that songs I make up, and no one knows those.

After relaxing for a bit, Ben had to move his horses back into the stables and asked us to help him. I got a lead a magnificent horse named July. He was massive, and beautiful, and I was petrified. Horses inspire a certain awe. I can totally see what my mom finds so fascinating with them. Then Ben asked if I wanted to ride one. I wanted to play it cool, so I waited patiently until Holly wanted to ride.

Ben rode July first. After he rode him for a while, it was my turn. It was awesome. The trick of it is that, even though you are at every mercy of that animal, you have to make it believe that you’re in control. I did some trotting, some turns. Nothing really fancy. Just enough to tire me out. It was great. Then Holly rode for a while and, finally, Lisa rode. Apparently she’s had quite the bad luck with July, but things seemed to go fairly well with her today, though she did get a little frustrated.

Now I’m exhausted. Ben said I could come ride again some time, and I may just take him up on that. Right now I smell like horse, and I should shower tonight, but I probably won’t. I didn’t even get to play Sims today, but it’s okay. Wait. I wonder if you can buy horses in the Sims. Please say yes!

4 Replies to “A Whorse Of Course!”

  1. Wow. It sounds like an incredible day and experience!

    I must have missed you at the parade – but then again, I was driving a ginormous Super Duty pick- up – I did look for you though.

    Happy Happy Birthday Jeff, Sue, and Tony!

  2. Hey… nothing is better than the smell of a horse… glad you liked the ride. Their is nothing like riding. I sure miss it….

  3. Miles, You dont need to learn more songs to play on your guitar. All you need is Ben Folds. So I guess if you want to learn more Ben Folds go ahead. I guess i dont like horses. I never really gave them a chance. Mostly because they smell. Well, i guess thats the only reason.

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