Apparently, David is exploring a new typography.

The Reunion was fun. I will summarize as Holli wrote a post, Bryce wrote a post, David wrote a post, and Molly wrote a post about the Reunion already.

  • Left from Madison (Bryce, Dan, Holli, Brenna, Myself)
  • Drove to Hermosa for special Rausch mass
  • Food at Hermosa where Dan, Bryce, Uncle Bill, and I discussed a top secret project
  • Visited Tim and Molly’s, where Holli fell asleep, and we drove back a little earlier than the others
  • Went on an awesome hike near Bear Country
  • Ordered pizza for lunch
  • Rausch family picnic where I practiced snapping Holli’s neck and we watched Ultimate Frisbee and I beat up Molly
  • Fireworks at Chuck’s place, in the rain, but some cool pictures anyway
  • Played Disc Golf for the first time ever and got into it and it inspired Holli and I to try to play quasi-regularly
  • Mom dropped us off at the mall for shopping and food and I got two pairs of shorts and a Pink Floyd cd (The Division Bell) and almost a pair of sandles
  • Banquet and awards where Dan and Bryce announced our project and continued to promise features throughout the night
  • Holli, Myself, Molly, Brenna, Amy and Kevin went to see Superman (despite trying to recruit nearly everyone else, they all opted to play cards) and it was awesome
  • Tried to fix Pete’s computer problem at his Sunset Grill restaurant which looks pretty nice and he promised us a free meal for trying
  • Drove back and then Holli and I watched The Weather Man which was disappointing but not too bad

I have me some pictures uploaded, so goes see them.

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